Resultado Demanda de Clase

Por este medio hacemos disponibles la sentencias con relación a la demanda de clase entablada con el propósito de declarar la actual Ley de armas inconstitucional. Bull’s Eye Gun Shop quiere agradecer a los Licenciados Oscar Acaron, Osvaldo Sandoval, Javier Jimenez y a las Damas de la Segunda Enmienda y a todos los que de […]

Bloomberg poaching Gray Lady talent for ‘fast commentary’ project

Bloomberg View, the opinion-writing wing of Bloomberg News, is looking to hire about 30 reporters — and has poached a top Times’ DealBook editor — for a new “fast commentary” operation that will provide context for breaking news.Michael Bloomberg has used the editorial vehicle to push his political views and causes such as gun control. […]

Court upholds Florida law restricting doctor-patient speech about guns

Yesterday, the 11th Circuit handed down a substantially revised opinion in Wollschlaeger v. Governor, the Florida “Docs vs. Glocks” case. (I’d been following the controversy for quite a while, but didn’t have a chance to blog about the earlier opinion, which was handed down a year ago.) The court upheld the law, which limits doctors’ […]

Lott: Don’t leave our military personnel defenseless

Anytime, anyplace, terrorists can strike. With just his signature, President Obama could eliminate the gun-free zone policies that leave our military personnel defenseless. Late last week, Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature called on Gov. Tom Wolf to exercise the same authority for the state National Guard. .

Gun rights advocates blast L.A. magazine restriction

It was already illegal to buy ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds in California, but soon those living in Los Angeles won’t be able to possess them either.Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says he will sign a measure passed by the city council that gives residents 60 days to turn in or otherwise get […]

South Dakota: Training Course Set for Enhanced Concealed Carry Gun Permit

Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that rules for the enhanced concealed carry gun permit were approved last week by the Interim Rules Committee. September 23, 2015 has been set aside for the initial training class to be held at the George S. Mickelson Criminal Justice Center in Pierre. Instruction for this class will be […]

Store owner uses semi-automatic rifle to repel armed robbers, WISN, Milwaukee, Wis. 07/27/15, WITI, Milwaukee, Wis. 07/27/15

Rami Murrar, owner of Bouchard’s clothing store in Milwaukee, Wisc., was tending to his establishment when at around 4 a.m. a van smashed into the security doors and concrete posts protecting his store. A daring organized heist; after the van broke through the doors, three armed men attempted to gain access to the store. Murrar […]